About Pombons Shoe Accessories


The idea for Pombons pom pom shoe clips was born in Toronto, Canada while shoe shopping. As a fashion designer and shoe blogger, that is something I do a lot! I was seeing so many pom pom shoes and accessories available for sale, but none of them spoke me like they should.

I wanted more options. I wanted more colours. I wanted to customize shoes I already owned and transform them into the fun footwear they had the potential to be. And goodness no, one pom pom wasn't enough! I wanted to customize them with one, two or even three different poms at a time.  Yes, I may have a bit of a pom pom problem.

But I digress ;)

In my mind, there was only one option left for me: create a pom pom kit that you can customize & style as you see fit. A shoe accessory that you can clip onto almost anything, transforming a plain shoe, hat, purse, glove....and more....into the life of the party!

We searched far and wide for the best faux fur in the most fashionable colours to bring you a product that is both stylish & ethical.

Now, you're only Pombons away from new shoes & accessories. 

Live free. Live colourfully. Live the pom pom life!

xo Cristina & the Pombons team

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